Alexander Wiedmer


Alexander joined Iris Capital in 2000 and has been responsible for investments in Europe, North America and the Middle East. He has also contributed to fundraising, marketing and structuring of new activities. He is currently on the boards of directors of MedicAnimal, Bluestreak Technologies, Acapela Group, Neocase Software and Datamars, and observer on the board of Beyond the Rack. He managed prior investments in the fields of distribution and logistics (Kiala, sold to UPS), security and new media.

Prior to joining Iris Capital, Alexander was Director of Marketing at Universal Content (Canada), a licensing agency for international multimedia content. He had previously co-created an event management consulting company in Canada.

Alexander studied at Upper Canada College in Toronto, McGill University in Montreal, the University of Western Ontario (Hons. BA Phil.) and EDHEC (MBA in Technology Management, Theseus Institute). He has held various pro bono positions on boards of directors and committees of educational organizations. He has Canadian and Swiss citizenships.