Submit Your Project

If you are interested in obtaining funding from us, please provide details of your business or proposal below, together with the estimated funding requirement and uses.

If you have a business plan or presentation describing the opportunity, and ideally also financial projections with underlying assumptions, these would be very helpful and can also be uploaded as attachments below.

In any submission, we would encourage you to have thought through and addressed the following key issues:

what is the customer or market need your business is trying to address, and how does your business do this?
who is your target market, and what is the existing and potential future market size?
who are your competitors?
what differentiates your business or makes it better?
what is the business model and what evidence is there that it works?
who is in the management team and what relevant skills and experience do they bring?
how much money does your business need and what will this be used for?

All applications and documents provided will be treated confidentially in accordance with our professional ethics.